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[004]So this is what it means to be shallow and selfish. [28, Dec 2005 09:42am]
[ mood | tired ]

Once again Christmas time has come and gone and the only thing left from the glimmering paper and pretty bows are the seemingly meaningless presents that our parents stuffed under our trees. Is it just me or does someboby else out there feel that Christmas just isn't what it used to be? Just last year I couldn't get enough of Christmas music and all the predictable elements that Christmas brings along with it. I lived for Christmas shopping and wanting to buy things that made other people happy. This year, it seems all of that has passed us by. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we're all just growing up, but 17 still seems a little young to lose ones sense of a childhood. Maybe it was because I didn't really have time for anything; I worked 43+ hours the week preceeding Christmas. I really just can't tell what the actual reason is, but I miss the good ol' childhood days; waking up at 6 AM to see what Santa Brought you, remembering at the last minute that you better leave Mr. Claus some milk and cookies, blasting Christmas music while you decorate your house in all of the Christmas decorations. Houses and families look so perfect around Christmas. It's a shame our society has become so materialistic as a whole. I'll be the first to admit that I'm guilty as charged; I love getting presents and I got ticked at my parents when they bought me ugly sweaters from The Gap.

I'm going to blame Mother Nature for this one. Look at it outside! It's absolutley freezing and what do we have to show for it? Nothing. Nothing at all. There is hardly any trace of snow anywhere. If we at least have to endure the chill factors and gusts of wind cold enough to freeze your eyeballs, there should at least be enough snow to build a decent igloo or a family of snowmen.

I'm also willing to attest to the fact that I do miss my family. I feel like I'm missing out on so much by not seeing them and talking to them every day. Yeah, it has it's perks, but it's still kind of depressing. My mom is expecting me to move to Springboro right after I graduate, but I don't think that I can do that without becoming a hermit. This is the last summer I'm really going to have with the vast majority of my friends. Cincinnati is far enough from Wadsworth as it is (4+hours), but Cranston is probably going to end up in Texas which seems like it's a whole world away. We all promise each other that we'll visit and remain in touch, but how likely is that to happen? Everyone is going to make new friends, get boyfriends, and be caught up in the elements of campus life and will we really have all the time that we're planning to have for one another? Sometimes I rethink my decisions about the University of Cincinnati and just want to stay here, but I know that won't be any good for me either. Kinel speaks of transferring to UC after her first year at Kent State, and as much as I would LOVE for her, or any of my friends really, to come be at UC with me, I'm not so sure it'll really happen. Her parents, for one stupid reason or another, are opposed to her going anywhere that isn't less than an hour from them. I guess I can't say I blame them, but you have to let go sometime I suppose. Plus, Kinel wants to go into fashion design and the University of Cincinnati is only ranked like 2nd in the WORLD. They should be pushing her there like there was no tomorrow. On a brigher note, yesterday Sam Ault told me that she was applying to UC. That makes me happy, she's pretty awesome and we go way back.

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Mmmmm. [20, Dec 2005 07:43am]
I looove the smell of gasoline and dodgeball in the morning.

The show last night was incredible on at least 3 different levels.
I must go shopping today for my siblings and finish up Laurs gift.
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You stupiiiid. [16, Dec 2005 06:47am]
Yesterday I reached the climax of the stupidest thing I have ever done.

I was at work last night from 6-10, and around 9:15 or so this car pulls up to the drive-thru. I say, "Thank you for stopping at Dunkin' Donuts, how can we help you?" or something to that effect anyways. So the girl in the car kinda screams into the order box thing when she talks and I swear on all that I am it sounds like Kinel. They say they need a minute to look at the menu and I'm skeptical and I reply with an, "Okay...KINEL!" I hear giggling in the car and it makes me think that it is indeed Kinel. I proceed to taunt the person at drive-thru by screaming Kinel's name in weird voices and kind of making fun at them. I am curious at this point to find out who the other gigglers are in the car. So, with a new found sense of idiot, I sprint to the side door located directly in front of the order screen while there is a girl getting something out of the trunk. I get out of the door and look around and realize it is infact not Kinel. I close the door and sprint back inside while I hear a bunch of goofy girls going,
"What the heck!!?!" and proceeding to giggle some more.

I am worthless. ahah
P.S. I did the army crawl passed the drive-thru window so they wouldn't see me. :]
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If you were a telephone, you'd still be off the hook. [11, Dec 2005 09:51pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Livejournal. Wow. In all honesty, this feels very weird to me. I haven't been on this puppy in ages. I went back through my old journal earlier and came to a startling conclusion that I hate myself, haha. My wit and humor, or lack there of, really shines through in a lot of those entries. However, I remembered how much I liked writing in it and how cool I used to think it was. Maybe this philosophy will be reinstated with a new journal? Who knows? Only time will tell.

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